PowerBlock Gift Guide

Are you an avid fitness fanatic looking for a new, dynamic weight set to add to your home gym? Perhaps you’re just getting into serious workouts and aren’t sure where to start. Or are you a busy professional just looking for a compact, time-saving solution to stay in shape without having to show up at an exercise class? Look no further. This guide will take you through the PowerBlock catalog and showcase the best workout equipment for you and your needs.

For the Beginner :

Starting your fitness journey can seem overwhelming. It can be stressful to sift through the plethora of options and weight sets out there, but here are a few options to give you the most bang for your buck and help you take the critical first step:

  • Elite USA Dumbbells – Coming in at 12″ in size, these are our most compact weights. Made in the USA, these 50-pound weight sets are a perfect set to get started with. They’re adjustable, going from 5 to 50 pounds and expanding up to 90 lbs. Each set comes with our industry-leading 5-year warranty.
  • Regular Adjustable Kettlebell (up to 35 pounds) – Kettlebells are a great way to build functional strength while also getting a boost of cardio, making them a great tool for quick and effective workouts. And with our Adjustable Kettlebell, you can get the versatility of four different kettlebells in the space of just one! The compact contoured shell provides exceptional comfort throughout an entire kettlebell circuit and the magnetic pin allows for simple weight adjustments in seconds.
  • Exercise pack poster – A great workout starts with great fundamentals, and these posters are a great guide, giving helpful exercise suggestions.
  • Workout Mats – Great for stretching, cushioning weights, and strength or cardio training. The mats offer a combination of support and stability.

Elite USA


Adjustable Kettlebell


Exercise Poster 3-Pack


Workout Mats


For the Experienced Gym Goer:

Have a little more experience, but are ready to expand your home gym? Here are some great additions to create a flexible foundation for your home gym:

  • Pro 50 – This adjustable dumbbell set replaces 1,045 pounds of free weights, all at an affordable price. These dumbbells are compatible with different handles and bars, making them our most versatile adjustable dumbbells. These weights are trusted by pro teams across all leagues and NCAA training facilities across the United States.
  • Pro Series Straight Bar – Turn your Pro EXP dumbbells into a barbell with this straight bar attachment. Easily enables you to perform deadlifts, power cleans, rows and squats without the hassle and expense of hundreds of pounds of heavy weights in standard equipment.
  • Pro Series Kettlebell Handle – Transform the Pro EXP from a dumbbell to a kettlebell quickly and easily, creating more dynamic training with one simple toolset.

Pro 50


Pro Series Straight Bar


Pro Series Kettlebell Handle


For the Athlete:

Looking for the greatest range of workouts possible? Want to up your game and not spend a fortune doing it? We have your back.

  • Pro EXP – The Pro EXP replaces up to 28 sets of standard dumbbells saving you storage space and money, this is the perfect centerpiece of a great home gym. It is compatible with different handles and bars, making it a versatile and cost-effective addition to your home gym.
  • Heavy Adjustable Kettlebell (up to 62 pounds) – This ergonomic and compact design features a uniquely contoured shell for dependable comfort throughout a kettlebell circuit. The weights are easy to change and allow kettlebell enthusiasts to adjust the weights without frustration.
  • SportBench with Dip Attachment – Maximize your workout possibilities with this ergonomic, adjustable bench. The dip attachment enables even more options including deltoid, shoulder, and tricep workouts in an easy-to-install package. The SportBench is also compatible with a Chin-up Attachment and Ab Attachment – ideal for a dip, chin-up, and ab station in a compact footprint.



Heavy Adjustable Kettlebell


Sport Bench


SportBench Dip Attachment



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