Alissa White-Gluz



Alissa White-Gluz is an internationally renowned singer best known as the front figure of Swedish death metal band, Arch Enemy. Her widely diverse vocal style and stage presence have earned her many esteemed awards, collaborations with iconic artists and a well-deserved ranking among the metal elite. Alissa continues to wow audiences with her insane stamina and agility on stage, earning her the front cover of Revolver’s “Metal Health” issue alongside her partner, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. She even has two animal species named after her; a Jurassic brittle star (Melusinaster AlissaWhiteGluzae) and a North African trilobite (Timsaloproetus Alissae).

Alissa is an art enthusiast and a painter; having spent the 2000’s painting large-scale commissioned murals around her home town of Montreal, Canada. She is also well known for her activism, particularly in animal rights. A lifelong vegan, she has hosted campaigns and spoken at rallies, marches and protests in multiple cities across North America. She carries PowerBlock Dumbbells with her on her tour bus so she and her bandmates can stay physically ready for their rigorous touring demands. She even keeps multiple sets across multiple continents to ensure she never has to miss a workout!

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