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PowerBlock Fitness Podcast

Personal Trainer Questions With Chris Proctor *Part 2

This week on ‘Your Home Fitness Podcast’ we continue our conversation with Chris Proctor.  We cover topics about women and weight lifting and concerns they might have over getting too bulky.  We also talk about weather or not you should start getting in shape before you start working with a personal trainer.
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Personal Trainer Questions With Chris Proctor *Part 1

This week on ‘Your Home Fitness Podcast,’ we begin a two-part chat with personal trainer, Chris Proctor. On this episode, we unpack some common misconceptions about what it’s like to work with a personal trainer, as well as how you may benefit from beginning a program of your own. Chris Proctor, personal trainer, joins us to discuss the cost of personal training, how to find the right personal trainer, and setting realistic expectations.

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How To Get Back In The Game After Injury: With Melanie Taylor


Today in ‘Your Home Fitness Podcast,’ Kitty & Bun chat with Melanie Taylor (melbys_fitness) about the setbacks & silver linings of getting back to working out after an injury. Catch some great ways to master your mindset, make moves towards realistic goals & rock your recovery in the right ways for your bod.


“Accept the Setbacks”


Show notes:

1:00 – Welcome Back

3:20 – Brain injury & past history

5:50 – Difference in recovery styles

7:36 – Mental prep for recovery

11:40 – The importance of patience

12:56 – “Accept the Setbacks”

14:00 – Journal to conquer the mental mountain

16:10 – Lessons to be learned – slow down

18:30 – The real pain of injury & discipline

21:44 – Top 3 things to remember through recovery

25:00 – Awareness of injury

27:00 – Recovery time ‘Rule of Thumb’

31:11 – Wrap up


Does Exercise Boost Your Immunity?

Kitty and Bun discuss whether or not exercise can have an effect on your immunity.  They discuss the positive effects that working out can have for you that extend beyond the strength and cardio benefits.

I see a lot of articles that talk about how working can help out your immune system. So that’s my question for you today is this true? Is this legitimate?Is this clickbait?

3:24 Does Working out help your immune system?

4:51 Flushing the lymphatic system

6:14 It starts with your mindset

10:14 Heightened temperature

13:14 Just a little bit farther

18:47   Increased energy.

20:50 Don’t over exert

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Is The Gym Right For Me?

On today’s episode, Kitty & Bun discuss whether ‘the gym’ could be the place for you to smash your goals. As we look into ‘getting back to normal,’ we chat about how to find your groove – whether it be in a home gym with your Powerblocks or a big box gym with the Bro’s.

Tune in to grab some tips on where to start, how not to ‘look stupid,’ & finding the right structure for your goals.

1:00 – I want to get back in shape… should I join a gym?

3:00 – How to start – structure + “not looking stupid”

6:15 – Introverts & the gym… ‘ask a PT for help?’

8:35 – Going to gym to ‘watch’ for tips & pointers

11:13 – Having a PT show you where to start

13:50 – ‘Pushing through’ workout vs. Intentional movement

15:25 – The need to try ‘every machine’ – overwhelm / distraction

16:30 – Wrap up & conclusion
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Joyce of Cooking

Joyce of Cooking Jason and Kitty sit down and talk with Food Blogger and Marketing expert, Joyce Leung, better known as Joyce of Cooking.  Joyce talks about her many years in the food industry and how she helped many restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic.  Joyce also talks about the importance of high quality ingredients in order to maintain a healthy balanced diet.In this Episode we cover:

Joyce’s early career 8:15
Finding and Creating Recipes.  12:55
Kitchen Tips 19:20
Cooking Classes  25:08
Trivia 27:20
Wrap-up 31:58

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Lose Weight or Build Muscle

Are you trying to shed some unwanted belly fat but not sure if you should jump right into strength training and build muscle first? Do you want to add fifteen pounds of lean muscle and wondering if you should shed the unwanted weight first?

Jason and Kitty will help you figure out what your first steps should be and how to move forward to sculpt a healthier you.

Keep It Fun

Are your workouts feeling like work?  Do you go to the gym because you have to?  On Todays episode, Kitty and Jason talk about how to bring the fun back into your workout.  Listen in and see if you can find out what’s missing from your fitness routine and how feel like a kid again while you get fit.

Da Rulk

Jason and Kitty sit down with personal training expert, Da Rulk

Da Rulk is a movement specialist that focuses on movement with his clients in order to help them get the best out of their workouts

Listen in and enjoy his insight and his infectious personality.

Good Reads

Kitty and Jason discuss some of their favorite books and how those books helped to change their outlook on life. Listen in and let us know if we missed your favorite.