Pro Series

Our bestselling adjustable dumbbells are compact and easy-to-use, replacing 8 – 28 sets of traditional dumbbells. Pro 50 and Pro EXP models can be converted into a kettlebell or barbell with the addition of attachments, making them the ideal foundation for any home gym.

With their patented design and proven durability, PowerBlocks are the only adjustable dumbbells trusted in training facilities of pro teams across all leagues, in NCAA training facilities, and by elite athletes.

Pro 32 4 - 32 lb adjustable dumbell

Pro 32

PowerBlock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells

Pro 50

Pro EXP 5 - 50 lb adjustable dumbbells


From: $509.00

Pro EXP Stage 2 Kit (50-70 lbs)


Pro EXP Stage 3 Kit (70-90 lbs)

EZ Curl Bar

Pro Series EZ Curl Bar


Pro Series Kettlebell Handle

Straight Bar Barbell Attachment

Pro Series Straight Bar